How can I become a vendor for the event?
Vendors can sign up accessing our web site, printing out the application, then submitting to the address provided. You may
access some information on the "vendor link" on the web site.

When will race schedules be published on the web site?
We will publish schedules within 3 days of race day.

What is the minimum age to paddle/drum/steer on a team?
The CFDBF requires that each member be at least 14 years old.

Is a drummer required on each team?
Yes, participation in the CFDBF requires that you have a drummer at the front of the boat that is drumming audibly. This is an
effort to maintain the rich culture and history around dragon boating.

What time should teams arrive on the morning of the races?
All team captains must register, find the tent, and become familiar with the grounds the morning of the race. Out of town teams
must make sure all waivers have been provided prior to the day of the race. There will also be a brief team captain meeting at
8:15am in the big tent. We would suggest that you arrive no later than 7:30am to achieve all of this.
Frequently Asked Questions

The Rotary Club of Lake County Golden Triangle
Proudly Presents
The 16th Annual Dragon Boat Festival
March 10, 2018